February 1, 2024


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The Shadow Pandemic: Violence against women during COVID-19 ” MK CASE “

Manjit Kaur, a 72-year-old woman  came to the United Kingdom on 28th October 2019 on a visitor visa to look after her  grandchildren. She has to go back to India on 14th April 2020. Due to covid -19. All flights were closed at that particular time. Manjit kaur Kaur’s daughter abused her and told her to leave her house. Due to that circumstance, Manjit kaur’s health becomes very bad. She is  facing a lot of health issues: heart problems, head injury, ear infections, knee injury, etc… 

she came truth story newspaper limited give us all statement

Manjit kaur is facing domestic violence & Manjit Kaur doesn’t have any kind of money & accommodation. 

Eyewitness Testimony