February 1, 2024


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Nutrition alert: Here’s what a 100-gram serving of cauliflower contains

Gobhi ke parathe. You either love them or you hate them. There’s no in-between. The same goes for gobhi itself for many people. Though they might not look it, these vegetables are a great source of nutrients for our bodies.

Dr Ushakiran Sisodia, Registered Dietician and Clinical Nutritionist, Nanavati Max Super Speciality Hospital,Mumbai , said it’s not just a nutritious vegetable but also a powerhouse of nutrition. “In my years of practice, I’ve often recommended cauliflower  to my patients for its impressive health benefits.”

Though it can be eaten during the monsoon, special care should be taken in selecting and cleaning it, as the damp conditions during the monsoon increase the chances of vegetables getting infested with worms and attracting more dirt.